Getting Started


There is no signup for this site, however you do need to allow Freshdesk to read your Google mail information in order to start using the site.  This is a very simple process.


First, visit the link below

Click the button in the middle to connect with your Google account.  Your Google account will authenticate you to the site.  If you see a second login site asking for your Google ID and password, simply click the G at the bottom.


Note: Do not use the username/password or the sign up section or your account will not sync.  You will never need to manually enter your information, only use the Google buttons shown.


If you haven’t logged into your Google account recently, it should prompt for you to do so.


The Helpdesk site will then ask for permission to read your email address info from Google, click Accept for this request


Once this is complete you will have an account available for creating requests.  You can enter new requests as needed through the helpdesk site.  There will be a New Ticket link near the top right of the helpdesk portal.